Welcome to Granmother’s Arms! We appreciate your consideration of our school, and recognize the importance of the decision to place your child in someone else s care.

We offer the highest quality childcare & preschool with an appropriate academic emphasis. In our care, your children will receive the physical, social, emotional & intellectual support that they need for growth and development. They will also receive continuous love and acceptance from their teachers and caregivers.

At Granmother’s Arms School, we are building the foundation for lifelong learning and academic success! We strive to teach values such as patience, responsibility, compassion for self and others, communication & teamwork.


Your children will be given endless opportunities to imagine and create! They will be encouraged in their efforts and their successes will be celebrated.

After going through this website, you will get a glimpse of the various aspects of life which we offer at Granmother’s Arms. You will realize that a child who enters into the cheerful and colourful corridors of Granmother’s Arms will be motivated to learn & explore everything that his/her curious young mind wishes to, in a loving, caring, encouraging, motivating and a positive learning environment. So, after your child completes his/her journey of learning at Granmother’s Arms, he/she will be fully prepared to enter into the bigger set up of a formal school.

Your child deserves the best, so I leave this privilege to you to decide for your child. However, the moment your child joins Granmother’s Arms I would be happy to take him/her to a journey which is enjoyable, enriching and rewarding. I look forward to welcoming you to the Granmother’s Arms Family!

Ms. Ahilya Sharma
(Founder Director)
Granmother’s Arms

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